Consulting Services


OnSite Consulting Services

OnSite provides real time and onsite consultation in genetic engineering, protein production and scale-up technologies.

We develop a cell factories that produce YOUR favorite enzyme

OnSite focusses on fungal cell factory systems (fermentation) designing through state of the art genetic engineering novel strains that overproduce client proteins, any type of enzyme (derived from any given genome – mammal, archaea, bacteria, plant or metagenome) and other types of structural proteins.

client protein

Transcription factor manipulations:

We artificially overexpress, by manipulating activating (+) transcription factors of your favorite client (target) protein.  We also engineer the promoters of your favorite gene, in order to achieve optimal expression AND secretion of your protein (CLIENT).

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We artificially manipulate the ER/Golgi protein secretion system in order to maximize the export of your client protein.

Thus, regardless of origin “the client protein” or gene a predicted intracellular protein or a protein derived from an outlandish genome, will be engineered (amino acid sequence and protein secretion signals) in such a way that your client protein will appear in the cultivation medium and will be easy to recover and or retrieve by purification.

Scale up

Our proprietary trickle-bed fermentation process, with vegetative growth limitation technology, allows far-reaching continuous production (up to 2 weeks of continuous uninterrupted operation) for any desired client protein.