Cell and Molecular Biology MICR3033

MICR 3033 Cell & Molecular Biology 3hrs

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Lecture notes, figures, practice tests, Guided Studies and the Syllabus Attachment will be posted as they become available.

Instructor R Prade, LSE409 Tel: 47522 E-mail: prade@okstate.edu Office hours by appointment – please call or send e-mail

Recommended Text Book Prade (2017) CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY First Edition, ISBN: 978-1-77330-035-1.  The ISBN for one-semester student subscriptions: 978-0-9866151-0-8. Top Hat General Bookstore (https://tophat.com/bookstore)

Objectives and Format This course introduces students to the basic units of life – from molecules to cells.  The goal is to present to you a comprehensive set of information, entirely based on experimental evidence showing how cells function at the molecular level.  Because the common basic cellular mechanisms, underlining ALL living things, are fairly complex, and molecular biology has made impressive progress in the last decade, we partition the course into five hypothetical parts.  First, composition of matter and basic chemistry of living cells; second, energy and chemical transformations in cells; third, structure and function of cells; fourth, information flow in cells, and fifth, specific cell functions.

Point Earning Schedule 1000 points are possible and will be awarded according to the following:  See current syllabus

Exams The content of each exam is cumulative (means that it will cover all previously discussed topics).  Additional reading (besides the officially adopted book) is strongly, firmly and emphatically advocated.  Exams will be designed based on TOPIC (CONTENT) and NOT on a specific book or page numbers.  Exams are comprehensive, but The First and Second Exams focus mainly on recent topics the FINAL EXAM will cover ALL topics taught during the course.

In-Class and in-book Quizzes are meant to assist you to auto-evaluate progress during the course.  In-class and in-book quizzes, will be managed via the Top Hat App.

Extra Points Participation in the Symposium is voluntary and a presentation is worth 100 extra points.  For your participation, a maximum of 100 points will be awarded per a blind peer evaluation scheme.  Because participation is voluntary, you must register to participate.  Symposium will be held on Week 12.  Dates, times and place TBA

Guided Studies Every lecture will be followed by a guided study section consisting of a comprehensive set of questions to be answered individually.  All questions for midterm and final examinations will be selected from the guided studies.

Rules and Policies OSU rules and policies will be strictly enforced, specially regarding academic dishonesty/misconduct, special accommodations for students, retention & grading policies, class attendance and add & drop dates.  Please refer to the Fall 2015 OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY SYLLABUS ATTACHMENT

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